Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lydie B Update

By Britt:

My parents sent me a text-message from the hospital in PAP (crazy that that works internationally, huh?) asking me to update the blogosphere on Lydia's condition.

They got the lab results back this morning and concluded that Lydia has bacterial meningitis. My dad had viral meningitis earlier this fall, but bacterial meningitis is more serious, especially for a three month old, but they caught it early and she will be just fine. They are keeping her over-night again at the hospital tonight for IV and observation but she should be able to go home tomorrow. Normally they keep babies for ten days, but Dr. Jen is in La Digue, so the PAP hospital is going to let her go sooner since Lydie kind of has her own personal pediatrician. You are a god-send, Jen -- & Tess/Paige for holding down the fort!

Thank you all so much for offering up prayers ... I see that there are lots of comments to be published, but I just wanted to quickly throw this up here. We are grateful for your partnership with our family and are trusting God as Lydie starts towards a quick and complete recovery. I love her so much and am counting the days until I get to see my baby sister and mom in late March.

Thankful in bear country,
~Big sister B