Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Report

We had such a fun weekend. First, we are SO amazed at the way God placed Tess in our lives. The kids all love her, Phoebe even says Tess now! We've been enjoying her weird sense of humor and laughing at how Paige found a new big sister to help her get through the tough time of losing a big sister.
On Saturday we went to the beach, Troy stayed home with Phoebe and Lydie B. We had a fabulous day. On Sunday we dropped Troy to church for worship team rehersal then went grocery shopping. We had to skip out of church early to bring Tina to the airport. Her goodbye with Annie was hard but we knew it would be. Tess is the real deal - and had no problem driving the truck around town while I needed a half hour in the airport with Tina. Jen, Tess and Lydie went on a little tour while I stood with Annie and Tina until it was time for her to go to the gate. We all had lunch at the McHouls, which is always fun -- even if John is there.

We're ready to tackle the week ahead ... we'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens ... OH, the Voudou place where the man turned donkey was arrested by the UN ... it really did burn down, we saw for ourselves! That's all from LaDigue for tonight.