Thursday, January 24, 2008

oh haiti

  1. I thought I ordered Poulet (chicken) for dinner tonight. No. I ordered Boulet (cream of wheat type substance.)

  2. When asking the nurse for lab results to read to Jen over the phone she said, "Parents are not allowed to see the chart." Yeah. Okay. Try again.

  3. One of the nurses just explained to me how to breastfeed Lydia properly. She said, "I have been working with children for four years." I resisted telling her to step off. (Uh - four years? Not impressed! lets talk about upwards of two decades) I let her mess with my technique just to be nice. Apparently I am doing it all wrong ... I have no idea how she got to be 13+ pounds with my total lack of skill.

The news on Lydie B ...

We are still here tonight. Not sure about tomorrow yet. They had to switch her IV to her other arm. Now they are drawing more blood for some labs that the wicked-smart Doctor Jen requested. Lyd seems to have a headache or some kind of pain based on the way she acts whenever she is awake. I don't believe I can recall a time where any of my children cried so many hours in one day. :( The lab guy in here tonight is so nervous about taking blood from her, I feel bad for him. He has no desire to try to get blood from the chunky white baby. The look on his face when he walked in and saw his patient was priceless.

Jen is advocating and keeping everybody on the ball. Once we see some new lab reports tomorrow, we'll know more about our departure time.

I have not even really checked in on the other kids -- except that Paige and I have talked a number of times ... Tess is that good. I am not concerned.

Paige, thank you for the bag of clothes you sent ... you overdid it with the earrings and belt ... but by golly, I WILL look good in this room by myself tomorrow. :) I miss you guys and love you very much.

Troy faced a few challenges of his own at the peace tribunal thing today ... he struggled to stay peaceful ... but that is another story for another day - and one he should tell. It falls into the "oh Haiti" category as well.

with grateful hearts,

t & t and tribe