Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Team Time

The mission team from the Grand Rapids area were slowed by cold weather and will arrive early tomorrow instead of this afternoon.
It was actually good we had the extra hours to get ready. Our fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants approach looked like it might cause early morning hunger issues for the them. We realized we did not have any cereal and only a few eggs. The shopping list made from a hospital room lacked numerous items.
It is hard to imagine that much of the USA is experiencing record-cold weather. It is lovely here, no humidity to speak of and a nice breeze. My Dad is worrying about our ridiculously expensive propane and thinking he better just drain the water from the pipes rather than risk the gas running out on a terribly cold day. I wish that darn place would sell. I cannot imagine why no one wants to look at houses when it is 14 below.
For those of you who have commented on previous posts about our medical bills for Lydia, thank you for your kindness and concern. As of this moment we are hopeful that all but a deductible will be covered by a health care Co-op that we are members of; we're thinking we can be reimbursed for much of it. A church in Illinois contacted us and wants to cover the deductible. God is providing! Thank you again for your concern. The bill will blow your mind. What would it cost to stay in a hospital 7 nights in the USA/Canada? Here, the total bill- cat scan, lab work, Doctor and all was less than 4K --- crazy!!
Maybe you'll want to come here next time you need hospitalization. ;-) ? Or not.
With all the extra activity and the poor Internet reliability, I don't know how much we will be able to post over the next few days. We'll try to update the families from Michigan as best we can.
We're thinking of you and hoping you stay warm.
With love from LaDigue,
tara for all of us