Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wave Two Gone

Let's not discuss the temperature in MSP today. Let us never ever speak of it again. (That dog got a Texas vacation for NOTHING -- NOTHING!!!!!) Hrumph. This is exactly why we don't gamble. We just lost a safe bet. 32 degrees in January in Minnesota at 5am. Stop. We're not speaking of it.

The photos below document a couple of hard goodbyes ... lots of tears .... AND some VERY CUTE people at the airport this morning. (Jen H. left, Tess E to the right.) They are already in Miami and doing well. :) Your prayers for Tess as she adjusts to her role as Nanny 911 to the Livesay family are SO appreciated. We love you Tess! We're so thankful for your help in these crazy days/months.

Britt and Lydie and I go to TX tomorrow. Tina and Matt will keep Hope until we all (Tina, Hope, Lydie. Me and Peanut) meet up in Miami next week. Much love and many thanks for the prayers until we next find time and internet access.

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