Thursday, January 10, 2008


With an entire night of rest complete, I feel like a new woman. Britt loved her roommate and is pumped about life. Dad is currently dragging her things up to the third floor while I sit with a napping Lydie and pray about a handful of things. 2008 is going to be so interesting, I can tell.

My older girls will tell me that I am apt to "over share." If you've read this blog for very long you probably know I am not a private person, never have been. That does not mean I share everything; I don't. Certain things are unbloggable (this word will one day be in a dictionary) and should remain that way.

Sometimes Britt has said she thinks blogs are weird. I do too, only I think they are a GOOD weird. I love the way they connect people with common interests. I have seen first hand the positive side of these connections. We have met lots of cool adoptive parents. We've prayed for them, they've prayed for us. A lady in Dallas helped me figure out a hotel, and answered airport questions. People all over Texas are in place to respond to Britt's needs should a problem occur.

We actually met Marcia and Greg Erickson two years ago through our blog;
(and there were super-cool God connections to them outside of the blog too - they adopted from the McHouls- our friends- and Marcia did the photography for our friends' wedding 9 years ago and they grew up in an area that has a deep connection to my youth -the Iowa lakes area and they have been "doing the Haiti thing" for years)
now their daughter is living with us! God does not do things the boring way ... He is all about creativity and His way of connecting people never ceases to amaze me... And I don't think I am easily amazed. :)

A while back the adoptive parents at this blog did an "open-book" type post. I really enjoyed it! They took questions and whenever possible answered them. With my over-sharing problem there may be not a single question ... But fire away if you're left with questions.

We get a lot of questions via email about adoption and also how we knew we should go to Haiti and how we confirmed it. We get questions about managing a large family ...And I cannot answer those because I would hardly call what we're doing management at this point. But, if you've got an unanswered question, ask away in the comment section, we'll answer as time allows in coming weeks. If the question falls into the "unbloggable" category we'll politely let you know.

I'm off to check out Britt's future home/living quarters and take her shopping ... have a wonderful day!