Friday, January 04, 2008

Boys will be Boys

Noah and Isaac have just returned from a 48 hour visit to Lisa and Declan's house. They pretty much call the shots over there because Lisa and Declan are weak, childless, suckers. Pancakes three meals a day, trips to play at McDonalds, candy, movies ... The boys seem out-of-control hyper and I blame the Slater's.

I am watching them attempt to maim one another. There are many places they could go to hurt each other but they insist on doing it in the room where I have the packing stuff laid out all over the floor. I am just blogging for minute while I wait for the first one to bleed. My money is on Isaac.

Hope, Britt and Paige are gone today so it is just Lydie & I and the two energetic ones. I keep telling them it is a new year, new huge medical deductible -and they better not need emergency medical attention because we're not ready to spend money on them or their cracked open heads .... But they just stare blankly at me and continue to pummel each other. They must think I am kidding.

Lyd had her ears checked again this morning, all is well. I am SO grateful for that news!

Our conversation on the way home from meeting Lisa and Declan:

Isaac- "We are a family. We'll always be together."
Me- "Yes"
Isaac- "Thanks for adopting me Mom. I love you."
Me- "Isaac you don't need to thank me - God did it not me and I am the lucky one."
Isaac- "Okay Mom but thanks. I love my family and I love being adopted."
Me- "Good Isaac - I love you too buddy."
Noah- (whining and loud) - "Ooooohhhh. NO FAIR! I want to be adopted too."

So the question is, who wants him?
;-) (As fair warning before you stake your claim, you should know he still does not wipe his own buns ... just ask Declan.)
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