Saturday, February 17, 2007


Britt and I went for a run. While we were gone Troy worked on the previous post to get the Sara Groves audio/song to work. When we got back I said "Oh, you posted it?" Troy said "Yeah, it is posted,so there goes our support." Oh Troy of little faith, people can deal with us saying we forgot to put God first for awhile.

You can, can't you?

We all went up to the prayer rock. We sat down and started to talk. Not three minutes later a truck of Blans pulled in. They had not told us to expect them. Paige ran down to tell them we were having family prayer time they'd have to wait. (Oh that felt rude.) They left. Another truck pulled in - this one full of Haitian guys. They said "Tell Mr. Troy to hurry we need to get to Port." Mr. Troy told them that he would not hurry and since they had no appointment they could either wait or leave.

Change started today.