Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday Weirdness

The winners from PA have not made themselves known. It's probably a lot like when someone wins the big lotto. They always wait a few days to go public while they consult attorneys and such. They're just being cautious, who can blame them.
To answer the posed question: If 100,000 does not come forward we're considering going to 100,001 from Allenwood, NJ, also a Verizon Internet customer. Lisa, hate to tell you, but you were only TEN from winning. Had you come to your computer just a few minutes earlier - you would have been the proud owner of the topless-Mermaid. Maybe next time. The next painting prize is going to be the HUGE booty picture on Delmas 33. That would work with your decor too, wouldn't it?

When my parents visited in late November the brought lots of gifts for the kids. Because Isaac and Noah are Superman obsessed they brought the first complete season of Superman from 1951. It is so cheesy and amazingly nerdy but the boys still like it. (nothing shocking there I guess) Today we reached episode number 18 called "Drums of Death" - in this episode Perry White's sister is kidnapped by a witch-doctor and Superman is tasked with saving her from a "voodoo cult."

I am *THE* farthest thing from politically correct. But let me just say after watching this, I think it serves a purpose. This 1951 episode played into every generalization and white-man paranoid thought-process that there could ever be. I was laughing out loud a number of times. Clark Kent meets with the Haitian government to enlist their help. Both Cap Haitian and Port au Prince are referred to a number of times. Below is Superman trying to get Perry White's sister to snap out of her trance and let him rescue her from the witch doctor.

The best part. All the Haitians speak English with some sort of Italian accent. Not French, not Creole. I guess 1951 was a big year for black Italians who spoke English on the island.

Our review: Two Stars (Ridiculous, yet entertaining)


We're getting dinner ready to go in the oven before we head in to Port to get the team. Rumor has it that Zach is going to Caribbean Market to see if they have more ground beef for us today.

The other rumor was of course that *HE* is the one who bought them out in the first place.

Maybe it was his attempt to push me over the edge ... but he probably did not know that there were 8 two liters of diet Dr. Pepper still on the bottom shelf that he did not steal out from under me, so try as he might --- he cannot break me. ;-)