Thursday, February 01, 2007

Everybody is an Expert

*First, none of us were in super great moods today ... maybe that plays into our annoyance. Sometimes even "missionaries" get cranky and tired of everyone. It's true.

It is some sort of miracle that we have five kids who have made it past babyhood. I'm not even sure how they managed without the expertise of all the folks in LaDigue. We are learning from many sources that we have *no idea* how to care for a baby.
  • From our gateman Joseph (who is childless) - We learned that Troy holds the bottle too far into Phoebe's mouth when he feeds her.
  • From an 11 year old girl from the village - We learned that Paige should not touch Phoebe's hair. For some unknown reason.
  • From a friend of Paige's- You should not cradle a baby across your arm with the baby facing down. Even if you're burping them. That is bad.
  • From all the ladies who work here- We learned that Phoebe MUST have socks on "Where are her socks??????? Where? WHERE?" Troy pointed out that it is 90 degrees and socks seem unnecessary.
WRONG! Babies must wear socks at all times. Temperature is irrelevant.
Along those same lines ... we also don't know how to: care for a vehicle, (now that's a laugh) back-up or park a vehicle, transport heavy items, treat injuries, discipline children ... and on and on. We never knew all the things we were doing wrong. Until now.