Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Friday I met this little girl named Islande. She is two and a half years old, according to her uncle. He brought her here because she has been lethargic and sick, and no longer wants to eat. She appears to be seriously malnourished. Her mother died during childbirth and the father disappeared shortly after, leaving her in the care of her uncle. He tried to leave her at an orphanage just north of here, but they were unable to take her in. I'm not sure what his intentions were in bringing her here to see us, but he really did seem to be concerned for her.

For now, all we were able to do was provide them with some vitamins and peanut butter, and encouraged him to take Islande to the clinic in Cazale. I'm not sure if medicine and short-term treatment will be all she needs, or if she will have to be admitted to their rescue center to be nursed back to health. I pray that they can help her there. Fortunately we have those friends with such an amazing ministry and resource for the Haitian people, and a place to help children like these. It is not only a blessing to the Haitians, but also to us when we are at a loss for how to help. I hope our clinic can someday do the same.

I struggled with what to say or write about her, but kept looking at her picture tonight, and then read a devotional by Oswald Chambers. It helped me remember where the answer lies and where the only hope is for all of the sad stories like this one. It reminded me that there is nothing that God cannot do. There is nothing outside of His power to handle. His almighty power is there even despite our inability to comprehend it.

I can't comprehend how hard this little girl's life is. But He knows.