Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Shortly after we started blogging we added a site meter to the blog. It was fun to see if somebody in Holland or Germany looked at the blog and fun to see that Mom checked it forty-seven times in one day. ;-) No. Not really. Just four.

Most people with a blog get excited to learn that people are actually reading what they write. It makes it a little bit more than a journal and gives you added purpose and incentive to write. If our readership dropped way down to the original 6 people, we'd probably keep writing because it helps us to share things. Because we cannot talk it out with our friends/family, we write it out and it is both therapeutic and enjoyable.

All of that is just to say that today we hit a major milestone. The 100,000th hit (thanks mom for 58,000 of those) occurred today. When the 100,000 customer walks through the door of the 7-11 store, bells and whistles sound and someone throws confetti. Pretend that is happening right now. It is here.

We thought long and hard about what would be a valued and appreciated prize for such an occasion . We searched high, we searched low. Up and down Delmas 33 and Pan Amercaine. Finally, after weeks of searching, Troy found it. A diamond in the rough.

All the winner need do is come to Haiti to pick up the prize. It sits here waiting for you. A little touch of Haiti.

We wanted to be sure and choose a unique Haitian painting.

We have chosen for you this prize: "The Topless Mermaid." This is a family-friendly blog so we've covered our bases to avoid getting sued. We decided not to cover her odd, and even painful-looking rib cage.

The 100,000 visitor to the blog has an Verizon IP address out of York, Pennsylvania.

PLEASE contact us to share your identity and redeem your prize. If you're willing, we'd love to allow you a blog-style press conference to share your good fortune, maybe some photos with the adoring public.

Regards and Congratulations,

The Management