Friday, February 23, 2007

Papa Meets Phoebe

Troy played Dr. for a few minutes today. He used be to very good at the game "Operation" (It takes a very steady hand.) This little girl showed up with a large wad of paper shoved up her nose. Troy removed it with skill and ease.

This picture makes Paige look a lot less brilliant than she actually is. I am posting it to annoy her, but also because I love how Phoebe's eyes are peeking over the table.
Britt, Phoebe and I won the negotiations to go get Papa/Dad from the airport. When he came out Britt said "There he is." I said, "That's not him unless he got his hair cut really short and he is wearing a sport coat." Britt said "Right. That would be him." Like he always says, He may not always be the best looking, but he always tries to look his best. Even in Haiti.
Phoebe is not necessarily all that impressed with him though. Maybe tomorrow.
Hey Bev, thanks for the bright, cute quilt for Phoebe. Mom and Dad Livesay, Rick and Di, and Kris ... we got your goods too. Jack freaked out about the additional pair of jeans just as you might have expected. Thanks!
Tomorrow we're planning to work the old man hard --- he is expected to both begin and finish construction of the 12' table I want built for teams. He and Troy are also going to the market to deal on some chairs and varnish.
Have a great weekend. Thanks again for your prayers, kindness and support.
Tara for all of us