Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happenings ... But not a lot of them

Troy went to Port to meet up with Eddy and take care of some business, he forgot the video project assignment. Next time. The world will need to wait to meet the famous Eddy.
He dropped Fran off to head back to Virginia and did the team grocery shopping trip. The grocery store had five pounds of ground beef. Total. So, I hope the group coming from Lighthouse Church in Michigan will be packing their own hamburger. ;-) We'll go back and try again tomorrow. Because all of my dinner menus (I use the word menu loosely) have ground beef in them, it is fairly important that we locate it. Not panicked yet, but ask me again tomorrow.
Hope and Paige had braids put in. They went for cornrows this time around and were both pleased with the results.

These two clowns- hung out, poured pepper in glasses of water, caused trouble, fought, struggled with some sort of Haitian Happiness bug, which meant a few surprise clean-up jobs today, and sat watching for daddy to return from Port. (Paige wants credit for taking this photo. And for picking their clothes out with them this morning.) Credit given.

Phoebe took the longest nap ever, then celebrated by eating 8 ounces in one sitting. A first for her. Britt worked her butt off. Literally. She has to lay on her stomach or stand up. There is nothing left there to sit on. She helped getting team rooms ready and worked on some school stuff and saw patients.

Hey Water's Family - We got the loot. Thanks for the treats! Everybody will be on a good old fashioned sugar high for the next few days.
We're almost ready for the team to arrive, feeling good about things and anxious to meet some new people. Isaac thanked God last night that a team was coming. We're so boring or something. He sees this as fresh meat to listen to his non-stop chatter.
In his prayer last night Ike also thanked Jesus for dying on the cross for him and offered to die on a cross for Him too. Then he said "You know Lord, we just wanna come see you."
I assured him that Jesus died on the cross and pretty much has everybody covered so there is no need for him to concern himself with being crucified. Not today anyway. It was a kind offer though.
That is it from these parts for now.