Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Photos

My good friend Kris with the kiddos tonight.

Today the team had a full day of work and fun. Some helped at a medical clinic with Mark Fulton's team (Kathy, see photos especially for you!) and some built benches at the Barbancourt feeding center.

At dinner tonight.

Noah trying to pick up a Haitian chick at the medical clinic. We got the Pimsleur Creole tapes before we moved here. They were not that helpful, except that they taught Noah how to offer to buy a drink for a lady (in Creole.) It finally came in handy today. He is one smooooth operator.

Britt and Mark and Gerry
Kris chatting with an long-time missionary here - John Ackerman.
The medical group with Mark.
Hey ROCHELLE, ILLINOIS friends ... THANK YOU so VERY much for the wonderful shower of gifts you sent down with Kris M. Below you will see Phoebe enjoying one of the wonderful things you sent down. THANKS!!!

Paige is loving having her friend Jill here. They are so happy to be together. :)

Tomorrow (Saturday) we have a Pastor's training session that Nate and Jason (from MI) will be teaching, then we will continue with some projects here and visit the market in Archaie. We're having a Haitian meal Saturday night.
I don't plan to blog too much this weekend unless I am up with a cranky baby in the night. Between all that is going on with our team, having a friend here, and needing to sleep when Phoebe sleeps, it is going to be a slower time for blogging.
I have one of my best friends here -- A REAL LIVE HUMAN to talk to, it seems silly to sit and "talk" to cyber space when I've got a warm bod here. Not that I don't love sharing it all, but in this case I am getting tangible and immediate feedback so I've got to take advantage of it when I can. Blogging can wait and I will retain all information and share it as soon as I can. :)
Have a great weekend.