Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Funday

The tribe right before we left for the two hour church commute this morning. Noah could not even get to the truck before getting a stain on his shirt. He is currently obsessed with jeans. Kris brought him a pair. I have to negotiate to get them away from him to wash them. After church today he had an accident on the playground and when he came in he said "Can I still wear my jeans?" I had to draw the line. No wearing jeans with urine on them.
Paige and Hope on the way to church.
Our lunch dates after church at Epi D'or, Zach and his friend Sharon.

Paige smirking at her sleeping siblings on the way home after lunch.

Paige not smirking.

Paige said "Remember when we used to complain that the Suburban wasn't big enough after Noah was born. Ha." We now regularly fit 8 people into a medium size truck cab. We've switched over to the Haitian-way of thinking about transportation; there is always room for one more. It is family togetherness at its best.

We had a lot of fun at church and lunch. When we got home we got started on Hope's big project. She has recently decided she has had enough of sharing a room with her brothers. At some point she grew weary of waking up to discussions of poop, burping and farting. Can you blame her?
She is moving next door to Britt & Paige - in her own space. We started and finished painting for her this afternoon. She has light blue walls and we'll add some daisies when we get to it.

This week is "Kanaval" - or Carnival. Fat Tuesday, drinking and partying ... all that stuff. We'll be steering clear of that scene and work on getting ready for Dad to come (he is building us a big honkin, long table - so we need to get the lumber and supplies together) and Thursday we hope to finish our home-study and team shop for the next team of 12 coming the 27th for the Lifeline Convention.

I am behind on thank-you notes right now. It is just occurring to us HOW MUCH stuff the team from Michigan left for us again. Thank you guys so much for all the formula and diapers and billions of fruit snacks and crackers. THANK YOU- Nate, Brenda, Nik, Dennis, Kimberly, Jeremy, Jason, Carl, Tess, Gerry, Shelly, Mary and Ken.

Thanks to the Meadow's, Hewitt's, Brown's, Glaser's, Vogeler's, Egger's, Castle's & Gardner's of the greater Rochelle, IL area -- we ate Illinois chicken again Friday night. What could be better? The kids have enjoyed all the fun things you brought for them. Phoebe is loving that marvelous contraption you bought for her too. Thanks for sending Kris loaded with so many fun things!

All of these gifts are wonderful, not only are they such a blessing to us but they help offset grocery costs, which in turn frees up money that we're needing at this very moment for our adoption of Phoebe.

God's timing is impeccable.