Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

I did it. I gave in to the hype. Even here in Haiti - Superbowl madness caught up with me. Actually, if we hadn't had lunch with Dr. Mark today and all his Colts fanatics, I probably would have forgotten it was taking place. I thought about going over to their mission a few miles away to watch the big game on Direct TV...but a big voodoo parade out on the highway thwarted my plans. I'm sure many of you experienced the same problems en route to your Superbowl parties.

I can't say I was totally disappointed however, as I wasn't sure how enjoyable it would be to watch this Superbowl in a room full of Colts fans - when in good conscience I could never cheer for anyone but the Bears. I'm from Illinois...long since gone and many times removed...but from Illinois all the same. The only other "home" team I could lay claim to is the Minnesota Vikings...but I don't think anyone is on their side anymore. I pretended to be a Vikings fan just to irritate my Great-Grandmother who was a tried and true Bears fan, but now that she is my Late-Great-Grandmother...I will forever cheer on the Bears in her honor. I'm almost over my fears that our football rivalry was what sent her to the grave. I'm pretty sure it was something else.
(Probably Ditka going to coach the Saints.)

I decided to follow the big game as best I could from home. It was absolutely brutal. How is it that I can listen to my dear brother-in-law's HIGH SCHOOL football games in Forest Lake, MN on the internet - LIVE - full play by play............but can't hear or see a single play of the SUPERBOWL online?? Ok, I know it's because of ad revenue and broadcast rights and on and on - but it still stinks. And I probably could have found some other back-channel of questionable legality to watch it online...which I'd like to say I didn't use because of moral reasons...but in truth I just didn't have the time to figure it out.

Anyway, I "watched" the game using 'Game Tracker' online from Oh, it was SO exciting to see a cartoon helmet move up and down the cartoon drawing of a field and read the totally inadequate play-by-play. It was basically like reading a box score in the paper, but taking three hours to do it. I suppose I would have been more impressed had the Bears been victorious...and I have to admit the first quarter was pretty fun...but overall I would have been better off forgetting about the game entirely. I really liked when the commercial breaks and timeouts would come, and the screen would sit idle for five minutes, and I'd get busy actually doing something or being productive, and of course as soon as I'd leave an actual play would happen. Then the cartoon helmet would move and I'd try to get excited.

I know I sound bitter. I am. But the real reason is not that the Bears were defeated. The real reason is that I have no access to Buffalo Wings. That, to what the Superbowl is all about.