Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sorting Out Adoption Stuff - A Conversation with Ike

Isaac- "Mom, I'm really glad God made me come to you and daddy."

Me- "Yeah Isaac, I am glad God made us a family too."
Isaac- "This is the best family I ever had. It's the Haitian American Livesay Family."

Me- "Yep, something like that buddy."
Isaac- "When is God gonna make Phoebe a forever part of this family like he made me?"
Me- "As soon as it can happen bud, don't worry she is with us now."
Isaac- "But I really love her and I want her with us forever like I am with us forever. Adoption, I love it - it is so fun, it is so happy."

Since Phoebe came Isaac is really talking through it all. Hope is not saying quite as much. Ike seems to be understanding it a little bit and just trying to sort it all out. His birth-mother did not show up on Friday so we did not see her after-all.

Fran came yesterday. We have not seen each other since we were both adopting in 2002. It has been fun to catch up with her. In a bit we're all headed to the beach to meet up with Mark Fulton and his team. We're going to eat with them and have one of the Dr's take a look at Phoebe. We'll put a picture of Mark and his team up tonight --- for a certain family member in IN who might be missing him. ;-)


"Adoption, I love it. It is so fun, it is so happy." -Isaac Antoine Livesay