Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Wrap-Up

The team headed back to Michigan today. Here is the photo I promised last night. I'm late.

Troy and I just arrived home from a candle-lit dinner at a five-star steak-house. We enjoyed a four course meal with a glass of wine followed by dessert and a long romantic walk along the ocean.

No. Not really. We did grill some chicken that came all the way from Rockford, Illinois though. And Noah kept dinner interesting by getting in enough trouble to get spanked and put in bed mid-meal. That was soooooo romantic when that happened. (sigh)

We dropped the team mid-morning then took Phoebe to the Doctor. She does not have cradle cap. She has some sort of infection that causes her head to seep. I tried a couple of home-remedy treatments that failed me miserably. It is icky. We're hoping that an oral antibiotic and a topical ointment will solve her issues soon. She is going nuts scratching her head.

The container that was shipped from the USA will arrive at the mission tomorrow. We're excited to see some of our personal items and get our hands on some decent (read:not water paint produced here) paint to spruce up the team end of our house.

Kris got to meet up with the birth-mother of her two Haitian kids today. It was a good meeting for both of them. Kris and Jill head back to IL tomorrow.

While she did that I got to chat with Beth. She said something in our conversation that really stuck out to me.

We were talking about how difficult it is to be lied to constantly and to deal with stealing, cheating and general dishonesty so frequently. She said "the important thing is how we deal with those things and respond to the offender."

She reminded me what a fine line it is to walk between allowing it, by not confronting it, and trying to respond in a way that is Christ-like. It's not easy. That's for sure.

More when energy levels allow for it,