Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let the unwinding begin

It feels like things have been in high gear for a while. First the incident with Troy and the teacher, then the silly coup talk in the village, then a team. Individually, each thing would have been manageable. The fact that they came one after the other with no down time made for quite a run. It is time to both rest, and move forward.
We've got about 10 days to get everything turned over and ready to go again. We'll wash bedding and towels and go grocery shopping and menu plan over the next week and be ready to welcome another group on February 27. I am thanking the Lord that my Dad is coming on the 23rd to give us moral support and hugs and Dad-kind-of-love. I am anxious for him to meet Phoebe.

To be honest, I am in melt-down mode. It was sad to see Kris go, I am worrying far more than I should about multiple things in the future, I am tired. Phoebe has me concerned; she is so miserable. She scratches her head like she is going insane. It is seeping on and off, flaking and it smells like an infected earring hole would smell. Sorry, it is gross, I know. She is getting so chubby and doing so well in other ways --- I am just discouraged by her skin and head issues. I want to fix it for her NOW!

If any of you know much about this and can confirm our thoughts, please do. My future co-missionary and one of my close friends, Amie, might have nailed it. I think the Haitian Dr. we saw might have steered us wrong yesterday. Here is what Amie thinks:

I am 182% positive that it is scalp ringworm. It is EXACTLY what Mamoune's started as. The crusty part covering the ooze is called kerion. DO NOT give her the amoxi. I know that sounds crazy but please trust me! Don't put any ointment on her head. It creates a moist covering which provides the ideal growing place for fungus.Check the back of her neck just at the base of her skull. Often times there will be a swollen lump in that area. This is typical for this kind of ringworm. And lastly, she may break out in a secondary rash over her face, chest, etc. It's okay, this is a normal reaction and doesn't need any secondary treatment.

(Yep, she has had secondary rash issues, her face and her chest have things popping up. No bump on base of skull though, not that I can see anyway.)

Amie says salt water (as in ocean water), tea tree oil, which my mother happens to provide me with in great quantities - also using only Selsun Blue shampoo -and time will bring her relief and healing. The poor kid has FUNGUS growing on her head. I am itchy in sympathy for her.

The container arrived here today. There are boxes and love-bundles and stuff as far as the eye can see. Troy has about 8 guys here helping him sort through it and put it away.

I just scrolled up and proofed my writing. What a whiner. I promise once I sleep 8 hours for a few nights straight, the old me will return.

Thankful for your love and support,

(Dad- this quote is for you.)

"Fatigue makes cowards of us all."
-Vince Lombardi