Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday Night

Prayer does not fit us for the greater work,
prayer is the greater work.
~Oswald Chambers~

We had a nice time with big Z and Sharon today. Thanks for coming guys! Zach brought enough of a diet-pop offering that I can forgive him for being a pop-hog for at least the next few weeks.
It was CHILLY in Haiti tonight. None of us recall it being this cold here since we arrived. Britt is not fit to return to Minnesota with this sort of reaction to 68 degrees and breezy. Above she has on her hooded sweatshirt, then later when I went to her room, this is what I found.
Phoebe is back asleep ... so I am outta here. Have a great Tuesday.

"Fat babies have no pride." - Lyle Lovett