Monday, February 12, 2007

Good Monday Morning

The team had a great time visiting a nearby village church yesterday. They returned early afternoon and worked all afternoon on painting and electrical and construction projects.
Today they'll work around the mission in the morning and hopefully visit an orphanage to the North of us this afternoon.
This evening we've been offered an escape from reality and we're (Kris-Troy-Tara-Britt-Paige-Jill) going to go out to eat together while the team babysits the four youngest Livesay children. That should be fun. :)
Britter says that when people ask about her new sister's name she gets "HUH?" kind of replies. For clarification sake, Phoebe is pronounced Fee-Bee (didn't you ever see the show Friends?) - it is a Bible name. Phoebe was an early Christian woman. You can read about her in Romans. The name means "sparkling or radiant." There are two spellings, either Phoebe or Pheobe. We went with the Bible spelling, putting the O first.
Phoebe Joy is changing so quickly. She has filled out a lot and is grabbing for toys, holding her head up, she wants to sit up and see things rather than lay back and be cuddled.