Friday, February 16, 2007


Good Morning! We slept 7 hours with only one Phoebe feeding. I already feel better. I am glad to have no where to go today and just work on catching up on paper work, house work and school work with Paige. The container that arrived yesterday had a bunch of our rugs and paint on it, so we're excited to see some familiar items and now Britt can put her feet on a rug in the morning. Britt and I are hoping that Noah and Phoebe's nap-time will provide an opportunity to go for a long run together. Troy is hoping that nap time will provide him with an opportunity to nap.
We messed up on Wednesday. We dropped the team and totally forgot that we had an Agape shift to work. We think we might be kicked out for six months, we're waiting to hear what the verdict is. It reminds me a lot of my past, I always ended up on the list of people on the edge of being booted for missing too many required attendance events. I went to a Christian College and Chapel almost kept me from graduating ... or the lack of Chapel in my case. If anyone from Agape is reading this -- we are SORRY, we did not intentionally miss our shift, we just have loaded heads and forgot about it until late Wed. afternoon when it was already far too late to fix it.
There is no other news to report right now. We're just spending the day catching up on the things we let slide last week. We hope you have a great President's Day weekend. ~Tara