Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Different Reality

Last Saturday morning the phone rang early. It was Pastor Rony.

He wondered if Troy had some nails he could use. Curious about what Rony was working on Troy said "Sure, I have some, what are you building?"

Rony explained that a three year old had died in the night and that the mom did not have money to buy a coffin so they wanted to build one for her.

The phone rang again early this morning; Rony again. He explained that he is up in the mountains in his home town. Remember, that is where Troy went in December and it took more than five hours of walking to get there.
Rony said his brother is very ill, too sick to walk. He and some family were going to be carrying him down the mountain today to try and find some medical help for him. Five hours, going down a steep mountain, carrying a very ill person.
I've never needed to figure out how to help someone bury a three year old, I've never walked five hours to find a Doctor for my loved one.
These sorts of things continue to help me put my perceived problems into perspective.
(Click here for Mountain Video from December)
(Photo Credit Scott Tanner)