Saturday, February 17, 2007

Container Day

The container full of Love Bundles and Clinic supplies and Mission materials showed up here Thursday in four big trucks. Here is the day in pictures:

Four trucks packed full of boxes pulled in and we frantically started clearing space for all the Love Bundles, Medical Clinic Supplies, solar panels, printing press, and apartment furnishings.

The printing press proved to be the most fun piece. The largest box weighed in at seven hundred fifteen pounds - no problem for a Haitian forklift...pictured below.
We moved the trucks out of the garage to make a staging area as we tried to sort through and organize the boxes as we put them away. In the meantime, Hope and Isaac had a great time mountain climbing.

Our local village "chief", Adam, was in charge of bringing in the muscle and labor to help get the job done. After lunch, he took a siesta.

Here's Robenson doing what he does best - don't get me wrong, he's a great guy, but somehow when the heavy lifting begins he always seems to get busy elsewhere or find a place to sit.

Here's part of the problem we faced organizing the boxes...How do you categorize a box containing both Hamburger Helper and Bandaids? I put them in the "House" pile. I figured if anyone fights over the new shipment of yummy easy dinners - we'll have bandages readily available.

The Haitian "chain" at work. There were boxes flying everywhere. I had to stand by when we ported the medical equipment to make sure none of it became airborne.

We received a donation of many pairs of shoes and nice work boots (Thanks Mark!). At the end of the long day, I gave all of the guys who helped us out a pair of boots. They were a big hit. One guy looked at the soles of a quality pair of brand-new shoes and said in awe: "These will last forever." I hope so. (The guys not wearing them wouldn't put them on because their feet were "dirty" and afraid to make them stink. Hopefully they get over that and put them to use.)

Another gift for the workers - in this case a much needed one, and apparently a little too late. (This one's for you, Mom and friends at Advanced Family Dental - we got the toys - thanks!)

We managed to get everything sorted and put away. The warehouse rooms and medical clinic are packed full. I started organizing a bit today, but we've definitely got our work cut out for us.
Thank you to everyone who took the time, effort, and expense to make these donations possible. It already has been and will continue to be a blessing to our friends and neighbors here.