Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bondye Kapab - God Can (Which is nice, since I CANNOT)

In what alternate reality do I now live?

I glanced at my watch at 10:58 am while I was preparing DINNER for tonight. That is not normal.

Usually (before I moved here) I wait until about 4:30 to think about dinner. At 5pm when I still don't have a good idea or motivation I call Troy and ask him if he feels like pizza. Because he is a saint he always says "yeah, that sounds great!"

Lunch is on the counter for the guys when they come up from the other building and the lasagna is in the fridge until it is time for it to go into the oven. I am amazed, even shocked, by my own planning and motivation. At nap time I am a free woman. Maybe I can run to Target! ;-)

Does anyone live near enough to where the Marine Corp Marathon takes place in Virginia? Beth and I are scouting out our options and looking for cheaper ways to do a race so we can raise more money. Anybody live near a really organized, big, fun marathon --- please write me! We are both average to slow runners so we need races that don't require insane times.