Friday, March 10, 2006

Hope :-)

Remember when Troy first moved here in mid January? He was trying to find chicken for a big team that was coming. He asked around for chicken breasts. He got laughed out of town in Port au Prince. They only have legs and thighs here. On the bone. Period.

We told you we only ate boneless, skinless, chicken breasts before we got here.

Wednesday night Mme Maxo cooked Creole Chicken and rice and beans for us. Troy was eating a chicken leg and Hope said: "Daddy, what is that you are eating off of that stick?"

HA!! Poor, poor children with such limited exposure to different foods.

By the way, if you are at a Target store soon, go to the fitness area. They have kids fitness stuff and Hope is on the packaging of a box for a toy. It is a red-elephant type bouncy thing, that you jump on. Our friend Lisa emailed to say she saw Hope on the box at Target, this week.

We were worried about our kids getting some sort of vanity issue, when we had them start doing modeling jobs last year. Now, we have relocated them to a place where there is no chance of that. Problem solved.

Mom and Dad come in less than two days, we are so excited to see them.