Sunday, March 19, 2006

The way Sunday ended up going ...

Today, no beach & no swimming. But that was okay with everyone, except maybe Britt. We are going on Friday for her 16th Birthday instead. Paige will be back then so it made more sense to wait. I knew the girls would get closer once we moved here, and the pool of English speaking friends diminshed considerably ... and it seems I was right because Britt is lonely for Paige and ready for her to be back. All moms love when their kids get along. I am no exception.

In church today Pastor Rony preached on James Chapter 5. We know because if we miss it when he gives the reference; someone will usually come over and show us. We have just taken to reading our Bible during church and making it Bible Study time until we are able to get more from the preaching in Creole. Next week we plan to go to Port for church in English again.

We have learned one of the songs well enough to confidently join in. It says "Hallelujah, I found Jesus I had searched for so long." Some of the words are almost impossible to say ... mwen jen Jezi does not exactly roll off the tounge for us.

After church we started some projects around the (mission/our) house. Sunday's are the quietest days here so it is a good day to get some uninterupted work time. (Yes, we know it is supposed to be a day of rest.) While Jack napped I painted the kitchen, and Troy worked on sealing the screens with big gaps so the bugs cannot get in so easily. Britt baked cookies (we found chocolate chips last week!!!!) and Isaac and Hope ran around in the house that is cleared of most of the furniture while the tile guys work.

The tile looks great, we think they have two days of work left before we can put our things back and move on with life. So far we are having the kids wear the same few clothes and washing them each night because my poor planning placed the dressers in a spot where I cannot get at their clothes. Oh well.
As usual, once Noah was up from nap, he was a huge help. Here he is covered in dirt climbing a ladder in the office.

While we worked today we listened to CD after CD of Church of the Open Door services ... really good worship music, and Dave Johnson's preaching. It was encouraging and enjoyable. Thanks Lisa and Declan for the hook up.

Paige tells me (by phone last night) that her Jolly Rancher needs are totally met. She estimated that she had ten pounds of Jolly Ranchers to bring back. Her next blog entry may list how much she misses having teeth ... or an American dentist at her disposal.

That's the deal with our Sunday. If Paige comes to mind the next couple days please pray for safe travel. She goes to Miami with Mom tomorrow (Monday) and then comes the rest of the way on Tuesday mid morning. Her fan club in LaDigue anxiously awaits her return. Have a terrific week. Thanks for checking in on us. Know that we love you and appreciate everything you do to help us be here. ~Tara