Friday, March 24, 2006


That is the sound Troy heard as three of us ran screaming out of the house. He said his first thought was that someone was in our house.

Not someone.


Rat number two.

We had a suspicion that we had a visitor. The banana that was nibbled on during the night was our clue. So Troy, being the expert exterminator that he is, put a glue trap next to the banana and we left to take our birthday girl to the beach for the afternoon.

We returned to find the banana loving rat in the glue trap right in the center of our family room. He had gotten stuck in the kitchen on the counter and had slap blap whapped his way over to the family room. Sick sick sick. Why do we live here again? Reminders would be good.

Just so we don't suffer alone, Britt took a photo of her birthday rat to share with all of you. Her little gift to you. It is the least she can do.

After Troy took care of today's mission business items we spent the afternoon at the beach. The photos below are some of the fun things we did. Britt loved your phone calls and emails, thanks so much to those of you who wrote.

In the midst of all of this beauty this afternoon, Isaac looks at me and says "Can we go back to Zimmerman sometime mom?" I said "I don't know when Isaac, it will be awhile." He said "okay, okay mom, just sometime okay?"

Then tonight Britt and Paige had been teasing him that they wish they were brown. He said "Paige you're beautiful white though that is the way the Lord made you. Sometime the Lord can make you into brown and make me into white."

Just a minute ago Paige gave him a single Gourde (worth two cents) and he said "Oh good, now I have money, I can fly home." So ... some of it might be to make us laugh, but he certainly still misses MN more than any of the rest of us. How odd that the kid from Haiti misses MN the most.

Before we go watch Castaway, one of Britt's birthday gifts ... thought we would share tonight's sunset with you.