Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thurday's Plans

Good Morning!

It was SO hard to say goodbye yesterday. Mom and Dad and Paige are back in MN, where we hear they are getting more snow. Please pray that Paige stays healthy with the switched climate and germ strains and that she has a blast, and drinks a ton of milk. She heads back south on Monday.

Today along with the regular work of the day we need to clear out of our side of the mission house. We are getting ceramic tile.

This photo is of Jason and Rhonda's house before it was painted, but it shows how nice the tile looks.

Britt wants me to share about a fun success she had with a little baby over the last few days. The first day he came he had a horrible pussing rash. Britt thought it was one of the worst things she had seen since it was not just one wound, it was a rash all over the little guy. She prayed with Paige for the baby and she talked to the mom about bathing him and put anti-itch cream on the sores. When the baby returned 24 hours later he had improved A LOT. So many of the kids Britt sees don't know how to keep their cuts clean so she feels that it is an uphill battle to get rid of infection when they won't wear shoes and the cuts get so dirty. I think it encouraged her to see such an improvement over night. The photo of this little guy is on my mom's camera --- darn it!

We love you. We thank you for your prayers. When I talked to my cousin last night we talked about how crazy it is that we have been here six weeks and none of us have been sick. Thanks for the prayers for our health. God is answering them! ~Tara