Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday's Highlights

A crew of tough guys, photo taken after lunch today. Edmon is on the right, he is our big toe patient, he is totally better now!

First, some people emailed wondering, what became of the dinner last night??? Well, the funky smelling beef also tasted odd. It reminded me of the way a mothball might taste if you ate one. Mothballs remind me of my grandma Pals. So, the whole dinner was kind of weird because I kept feeling like I was in Orange City, Iowa where my grandma kept many mothballs.

Despite it's odd taste and odd smell the beef made zero of seven people have a problem. It's all good. Next time we need ground beef it will not come from One Stop in Port au Prince. One Stop is fine for converting your U.S. dollars into Haitian dollars, but we now know they are not known for a high quality ground beef product.

Here we have a little man in the feeding program and then Paige and Isaac in the English/Creole class this afternoon. They are all too cute, don't you think?

Below are Isaac's newest best buddies. This is Isaac with Kolbe and Kaden Hoppa. These are the two boys that belong to Rhonda and Jason. They also have two little girls. Isaac is more than excited to have English speaking friends next door.

A view of the Lifeline property from the hill that is on the Southwest corner of the property.

The best news of the day, the tile guys left. They are not coming back. After seven days of having our furniture on the patio, the job is complete. The cloud of dust that grouting creates has left us all at high risk for lung cancer, but boy do our floors look great!

As soon as we get latex medical gloves in Noah's size, he will be treating the patients. Tonight he found out he really cannot help us too well with this size glove.

Tomorrow is the birthday of a really, super cool girl. We have some fun things planned for her.