Thursday, March 02, 2006

When will I figure this out?


The base of Haitian currency is a "Haitian Gourde." The abbreviation is HTG

5 HTG = 1 "Haitian dollar" which is not their actual offical currency but some things are priced in Haitian dollars rather than Haitian Gourdes.

1 HTG (1 Gourde) = .02 cents USD
So then ... 1 Haitian Dollar = .10 cents USD (These are conversion rates as of today.)

A can of diet coke can be priced two ways.
27.oo if priced in Gourdes OR
5.40 if priced in the fake untit of Haitian Dollars

So ... if you buy one can of pop you will pay .64 cents there is not a price break for buying in bulk here. 1 pop or 12 pops the price does not decrease due to volume of purchase.

Figure this one out.
2.5 lbs Deli Meat - Priced at 186.71 --------- I do not lie when I say that I can sit and stare at this forever and not know how to make sense of it. The price does not say if it is priced in Gourdes or priced in Haitian dollars. If, (BIG IF) I am doing it right then I think the meat was either $4.43 U.S. OR $22.15 U.S. --- totally dependent on which unit it was priced in.

That is why I am slowly going insane. $4.43(USD) for 2.5 pound of high quality U.S. Shaved Chicken Deli meat is way too low of a price to be right. But, $22.15 (USD) is ridiculously expensive. I actually think it is the higher price, but if that is true than we should not be buying that deli chicken very often. HEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP! Cheese and good deli meat are crazy expensive.

I hate math. My brain hurts, and this is only one item. At the end of converting anything or paying anyone I never know what just happened nor do I know if I got a good deal or got totally ripped off.