Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Troy went to Port, we layed low, did school, painted and played and cleaned. Britt had a few patients. Paige took one patient while Britt was busy. The last photo is of Paige singing with her friend Caroline in church tonight. On Tuesday's they have sort of an open mic sort of thing and anyone can go up and sing or read a passage. The only major malfunctions were, a dead mouse in the laundry room, (mice are nothing to me now) and Pastor Rony coming to tell me something that I totally did not understand. I thought he was saying the men don't want to work, will you come up to talk to them. That is not what he was saying. I just walked up to see them, gave them water and said "pa compren" --- (I don't understand.) Troy later told me they were asking for a raise for the particular work they were doing because it was much harder than they thought and they belived they were being underpaid ... Rony was the messenger. I need to learn Creole. Troy is darn lucky I did not agree to giving any raises.

Today's photos -

Good Night!