Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Shout Out to Dad

Quickly, before I squander my nap-time freedom-

Can you imagine what missionaries of yesteryear went through? Man, it is crazy to think of how lonely they might have felt. No phones, no faxes, no email. No contact with the United States. Even when our internet phone is cruddy, I still know in less than a day or two I will get a good connection. I cannot imagine waiting weeks or months for a letter to arrive to my mom if I wanted to tell her something. Today my sister had an ultrasound, and I will find out how it went about ten minutes after she gets home. No waiting four weeks for her letter.

I have a fear (irrational or not) that the generator will give up and it will leave us without power. My fear is based more on not having internet than not having lights. I can light candles. Modern technology saves me from missing my friends and family more than I do. If the blog ever goes quiet for more than a day or two ... you'll know my fears have been realized.

We showed Pastor Rony the webcam a few weeks ago. He saw my friend Kris in Illinois. She saw him in Haiti. He thought it was very odd. We think it is amazing.

We really don't know how the people who were here, and around the world, serving 50 years ago ever got by. They were the real deal.

Now, for my shout out. My Dad is in the Ukraine working on a short term mission team. He checks email and the blog from there. Crazy to think about. HI DADDY --- we are praying for you. Stay healthy and get rest. We love you SO much.

Huge Hugs from Haiti,