Friday, March 03, 2006

Meatloaf and Potatoes

ARgh. I am annoyed. (with myself) I have prepared edible meals for days on end ... until tonight. I am in the bedroom with the laptop while the poor saps out in the kitchen eat undercooked potatoes, and less than my best meat loaf.

I had to make enough to feed 19 people. I think I messed up when I was doubling and quadrupling the recipies. The potatoes are au-gratin but they are of the chewy, undercooked variety.

Everyone was sitting at the table ready to go. I asked Troy to pray a 10 to 12 minute dinner prayer to save me from putting the potatoes out undercooked. His prayer was 3 minutes and now; here we are. I even suggested we go around the table and share something like the first day of school. No support from Troy.

I had four meatloafs and a huge honkin pan of potatoes in the oven at once. There is only one rack in my oven. Does the heat not handle that much food at once or something???? I set to the second biggest dot which usually seems to equal 400 degrees.

I was four for four up until tonight. There goes the confidence that was building. Going, going, gone.