Tuesday, March 07, 2006


We cannot explain it. It is impossible to tell what day of the week it is here. I was overhearing a conversation Troy had on the phone today. He said, "Will that door still be in at the end of this week?" I yelled from the room I was in, "It is Thursday already!"

No, no ... it is Tuesday. Right? If your work week is not 5 days and you never physically leave your "place of business" (for lack of a better term,) I think it makes all days blur together without any way of telling them apart. I can no longer mock Troy for this problem of his. I have now joined him.

The first thing Paige said to me this morning as she ran into the kitchen at 6:30am where I was getting coffee going: "Mom, mom, Ti-pap killed a rat can I go see it?" When she returned she was all excited and shared the story of TWO new rats being killed. It is sad what now passes for entertainment for these kids.

We sent off four more of our visitors today. I am now cooking for a less frightening number of people ... and actually, after lunch tomorrow I am done! Mme. Maxo has us covered tomorrow night. Yipeeee. After 10 days of doing dinners for a large group I can tell you that I still think cooking is tedious and uninteresting. If you were hoping for a radical change in my opinion, sorry...no dice. The food was all pretty good, if I do say so myself; but I think cereal is good too. Why not skip the rigamarole, and just have Cheerios? (Or Fruit Loops if you want to mix it up.)

For village news ... the few babies that we had been tracking are doing well. The lady (Midraine) who miscarried has been moved to the "Hospital Albert Schweitzer" in Deschapelles; because Midraine needs surgery and they were unable to help her at the first hospital we brought her to. We sure wish they would have told us that on day one, instead of day four! They were thinking she would die if she did not have surgery.

There is no real sense of urgency with any situation, even life and death ... cultural, I guess???? It was just odd how they let her get worse for three days and THEN mentioned they didn't have Doctors that could do surgery. (If you want to read a really good book, check out the book about the founder of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, it is called "Song of Haiti.") Someday, I want to go visit it. The drive from here is about four to five hours so it may be awhile before we get there.

Troy said "no" twice today. That was pretty cool. Once, on the way to the prayer rock for 5pm family devotion time and once, to an evening appt. going over things Rony wanted to go over. Both things can wait until tomorrow. We are thinking about having a policy that basically says, if you are not bleeding; please see us between 6am and 5pm. No exceptions. We'll just wait and see how that all plays out. We're trying to figure it out though, so it's a start.

Peanut has gained a whompin SIX pounds since the ungloved vet appt. just 9 days ago. Crazy. Sometimes, she seems bigger in the morning than she did the night before.

We are all getting super-psyched for my mom and and dad to come. We are picking them up Sunday morning. We are so excited to see their reaction to all of it and to be with them for three days. We wish it was a longer trip. Maybe someone can email me and tell me when it is Sunday so we don't forget to go get them in our confusion over what day it is.