Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Deep Thoughts come in waves

Today I wanted to post my deep thoughts about Voodoo and false religion in general ... but I cannot get the thoughts to come together enough to put them up for all to see. I need to wait and see if it ever organizes itself in my brain. It could be awhile. It could be never.

The Blog thing ... well, we never would have thought it would be a big/fun thing ... but we are finding it keeps people informed, and more than that it is cathartic. (An excellent way to emotionally purge.)

Neither of us have ever kept a diary or done the "journaling" thing in our lives. Actually, I avoided it. Mainly, I cannot read my own handwriting anyway so it seems pointless to write something down if I cannot go back and read it a few weeks or months later. Troy's friend Matt G. said "blogs are very now" but we are not "very now" so we must have caught up with the times or something ... which is funny since we now live in a country that is 100 years behind.

Some things that are inside your head, need to stay there. We are doing our best to discern which things need never to go to print.

Today was sort of out of control, but not in a bad way ... just in a crazy way. Lots to do, lots of mess from grouting the tile and lots of smaller sized kids who were not all that cooperative or helpful. Troy had a cool outing, hopefully he shares later.

Isaac has recently announced that he wants to be white. We are not really sure how to help him with that. Unless he wants to go the way of Michael Jackson ... we don't have a ton of good ideas for him. Before we moved here he didn't know he was brown, but now that he hears us being called white he realizes he is different than us. We are trying to convice him he is a total babe just the way he is and that God made him pefect. He seems semi-convinced.

I need to go finish dinner. The ground beef I browned, to put in my dinner, smells funky. We are going to eat it anyway, just to see what happens. This is the sort of thing you do for entertainment here. Have a good night!