Saturday, March 11, 2006


Today we worked on welding, plumbing and many other things that we don't know that much about. The new building is getting closer to completion.

It was fun when a new friend from a ministry called "Clean Water for Haiti" stopped by and hung out with us for the afternoon. He invited us over to his place next Saturday, he lives on the beach!

We also started painting our portion of the mission house. We had worked in Britt's room and Paige's bathroom but we finally got to working on our family room. It was a dirty yellow color, and we are changing it to a taupe color. It looks more like home. The ceramic tile comes next week so this place is really shaping up!

Isaac has started doing everything with daddy. We have noticed that all the kids really seem so relaxed, happy, and settled in; except Isaac.

We don't want to make too much of it but he really never has completely accepted this as his new home. Ever since we got here he has been "off his game" and just seems to cry so much easier than he did in Minnesota. He really misses Grandma and Grandpa Porter so tomorrow should be a great day for Isaac. Please pray that he will find peace here and go back to being the always joyful boy he was before we got here. Working with Troy already seems to be making him feel a little more secure.

He also got his first "Haiti" haircut. Usually, I shave it every six to eight weeks but today a bunch of the guys were getting haircuts so Isaac went down to the gatehouse and got a real haircut. It looks way better than when I do it. He is very proud of his new look. He is in bed now but I will take a picture of him tomorrow with his grandparents.

Have you noticed that the boys are never, ever, ever clean? It is almost impossible to go two hours without them getting dirty. Isaac gets dusty and turns white and Noah gets dirty and turns brown. Noah is a little bow-legged and still walks like he is new to walking, so falling is a frequent problem. Today he caught the fall with his forehead. He had four baths in one day and I still don't think he was really clean when I put him down.

There is a group of nine guys that sing together in this area and visit other churches and sing. A few of them are Lifeline employees so they do most of their practicing here on site. We LOVE when they come sing, it is so fun to listen to them (they dance too). We asked them to come to Sunday night church so my parents can hear them, we will miss Sunday morning church because they fly in too late.

Here the girls are watching them rehearse tonight.

Tomorrow, after we get back from Port, we will give the tour and then head out to show my parents some sights. We'll be back in time for 5:30 church and the special concert. We are praying that God adds some hours (imagined is fine) to our next three days so that our time together seems stretched out longer then what it actually is. Paige will be flying home Wednesday with my mom and dad for a visit with her dad's family. Please pray for smooth and safe travel for all three of them.

Learning To Know God and To Make Him Known in Haiti,
The Livesay Tribe