Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Three Things - by Paige

These are the three foods I miss the most:
1.Jolly Ranchers

These are the three new things I have in Haiti that I like the most:
1.New friends
2.Teaching English to grown-ups
3.My new room (especially the bed)

These are the three best things about living here:
1.Haitian food
2.The weather is awesome (I like HOT weather)
3.I can get school done easier and consentrate more

These are the three hardest things about living here:
1.Seeing starving kids
2.Seeing kids that you can just tell are not really loved and so the you want to hug them evan more
3.Not knowing the language very good yet

These are three things I hope I get to do here:
1. Jump in the dam. (like Haitian kids do)
2.Teach my friends good english.
3.Climb to Petite Bwa and help lead AS MANY kids to Christ as posible (oh sorry that was four)

~Paige Noelle~