Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fools Day Categorizing

Things I love about living here:
Every day is an adventure
The people who work for Lifeline
Children (everywhere you look)
Our kids can "work" with Troy sometimes
Sunshine (Sunsets)
Relying on God in a different way
Simplified Lifestyle
Knowing we are where God wants us

Things I am used to now, but maybe don't love:

Getting up at 6am
Roosters and all varieties of livestock making noise all night long
Not drinking tap water
Cold showers
Always feeling like you need a shower
Having kids who are always dirty
Guards with sawed off shotguns
Asking for water when the cistern runs dry
Losing Power in the middle of the night
No Pizza delivery, No fancy coffee shops
Being 90+ minutes from a grocery store
Being stared at
Bugs on Steroids (see normal moth, pencil, honkin moth)

Things that are still wierd and sometimes slightly troublesome:
Not knowing anything about what is going on in the U.S.
Unpredictible Haitian Police Force
Never watching the news or TV in general
Not snacking nearly enough … only because snacks are hard to find, expensive when found and gone four minutes after we buy them :(
No alone time
Public urination (no plumbing in the village)
Public bathing (bathing takes place in the canal)
Not understanding ¾ of all things you hear throughout your day
Crazy driving
Constant din of noise on school days
Knowing when your child gets hurt that you are many minutes from a decent medical facility
Some people are unfriendly towards us, unreturned smiles
No movie and dinner dates

Things I am unable to get used to:

Carnation Powdered Milk
Strange/Gross/Smelly Meats (Chicken feet above)
Public bathrooms with no running water or soap
Hungry kids

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -Theodore Roosevelt

"Wherever you are, be ALL there." -Unknown