Thursday, April 13, 2006

Banana Dealers, Sheep heads and other fun things

(Photo is mainly to entertain Britt and Paige who LOVED seeing this at Eagle Market the other day ... I did not have my camera that day, but I did the next day! There you are ladies, for your viewing pleasure.) Next time, maybe we will buy one. I think he is grinning at you. See the teeth? Yum.

There are some things in the market that are PLENTIFUL, you can find them anywhere, almost anytime.

You can pretty easily find: mangos, watermelon, plantains (if you know what you are doing), rice, beans, goat ... and many other visually displeasing meats.

BUT - You have to search and be on the look out for: bananas

Jack-Jack LOVES bananas. In an obsessive sort of way. We are learning that Archaie does not usually have bananas but Williamson and Montrois usually do. So, when you need to go north (both towns are north) you want to be sure and find a banana dealer. (Our term, not theirs.)

Here is a photo of Troy wheeling and dealing with the banana dealer. Sometimes your white face dictates the price.