Saturday, April 08, 2006

April Team

Photo of our April Team. Jason and Rhonda are in blue and yellow. The other two couples were from Louisiana and Michigan. Arnold and Donald are missing from this photo. (Britt and the little three did not come with.)

I am putting this photo up just to see how long it takes for Troy to look at the blog and then say "WHY did you put that picture up?" He is sooooo cute, and predictable.

This morning it was interesting listening to the team get ready to leave for the airport. They were anxious to get out of here. Haiti is not a place they care to stay long-term ... they were fretting about missing the flight and being stuck here. Kind of funny to listen to, as a resident of this nutty place. I said "Hey, what's so bad about being stuck here?" ;-)

The beach shoreline was covered in trash yesterday, so we used the pool instead. It is usually very blue and clean and beautiful but a wind brought in a bunch of trash and the staff at Wahoo had only just begun to deal with it.

Paige helped our guests barter and bargain for their Haitian souvenirs to take home. She gets a big kick out of the process. She has learned to start lower than you are willing to pay, then she has perfected the art of turning and walking away in the middle of negotiation. She got a necklace that started at $5 down to $3 -- Then the guy came and told us (Troy and I) that when she brings customers to him, he needs her to give him a fair price. He has seen her there before and does not want her helping people know how low he is actually able and willing to go, funny.

Today the kids and I will clean up and strip the beds and wait anxiously for Troy to return from music practice at church ---- he is buying a TV on the way home so we can watch movies together tonight.

We miss you and are so grateful for your prayers and care for us.

Sending Love North-