Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Pics

Church this morning- Guest Pastor from Michigan-

Beth and Britt and Peanut -- Beth is the reason that half the missionaries in Port au Prince have Mastiff's. (Beth is the friend I met on a marathon training group in June of last year, only to later learn she lived in Haiti. It was during the time we were praying about moving to Haiti.)

After lunch we hiked up to the cross -

Lisa, Beth, Tara & Noah

Rachel, Rosnalie, Baby, Hope & Rosemine (Friends that attend PAP Fellowship)

Don, Troy & John (John is the pastor of PAP Fellowship, they also operate a ministry that is called Maranatha Childrens Home) To know them is to love them.

Our tribe
Prayer time for the Buxman's as they prepare to return to Colorado. (Lisa and Don and four of their sons will head back to the states next week. We hope it is temporary.)

Britt's second first aid patient of the day brought a large support team with her.

This coming week is a big week for Lifeline some important decisions will be made. Please pray for the USA leadership as well as our family and the Hoppa family. We want our plans to line up squarely with God's plans. We ask that you pray to that end. God Bless you!