Thursday, April 20, 2006

Random random random

There are no coherent thoughts in my head today. But, I am happy to share random ones.

The mission has been quiet. Not that things have not been happeing, it is just quieter ... with Easter and the election it seems that people are sort of doing their own thing. The usual requests for money and a few injuries and the everyday events are still taking place, just on a more managable level. Troy finally understands what he needs to do for accounting for all mission money so he has spent countless hours staring at a spreadsheet and getting it all "inputted" correctly.

The last team left videos called "BIBLE MAN" --- they are some of the most poorly produced cheesy, ridiculous videos I have ever seen ---- BUT, Hope and Isaac and Noah are absolutely glued to it and it has been their choice everytime we have offered them a movie. Bible Man is this super hero guy and he talks in this constipated yet tough/foreboding voice. He is like, "THE Bible says: as for me and my house, we shall serve the lord" And while, I think the message is really good and it teaches kids how to know scripture and truth ---- it still makes me laugh to hear the goofy delivery. Bible man. Bible man. Bible man.

For secular entertainment we have learned that Law and Order SVU is available on-line for $1.99 per episode. You do not know what wonderful news this is for those of us who love that show. Our obsession with NYPD Blue ended when the show went off the air, but our secondary obssesion was always SVU. Good find on Troy's part.

This week, a combination of trials were placed in our path. Some big, some small. Some crushing, some trivial. There were times that I felt abandoned and alone and there were times that I felt total peace in the center of craziness. It got me thinking about what is true. I know my emotions change. I know my circumstances change. I am fickle. The people around me change. Here is where I ended up ... none of it matters. God never changes. He sees me. He is deeply concerned. He knew this week would be trying and even unfair. But He wants me to lean on Him. He wants me to trust Him with all of it. I am the daughter of the ALMIGHTY KING. Mess with me, you're messing with Him.

Britt and Paige head south starting today and finish their travel on Friday. We are all excited to give them both big hugs. Pray for smooth connections and travel for them.

Let me end by saying, we feel loved. We know that our friends and family are covering us in prayer. We feel God's hand on us as we seek to be obediant to Him. God is good, He is good, He is good. Even when life is hard, HE IS GOOD. ~Tara