Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Ramblings

Today is the day we remember what Jesus did for us when he went to the cross. I believe he offers us all the same opportunity to turn our lives over to Him and be saved.

I know he wants to meet all of us right where we are, and heal our hurts and help us come to a place of total contentment with Him.

It says in Exodus:
"And when they realized that the Lord had seen their misery and was deeply concerned for them, they bowed their heads and worshipped." (Ex 4:31 NLT)

It seems like our misery (our "issues") keep us from Christ sometimes. We think that God does not care about our problems. We even blame Him for them. Exodus says He sees and He cares.

DEEPLY CONCERNED, is a strong statement. He is deeply concerned. He was so concerned that he sent Jesus to die for us. He is DEEPLY CONCERNED about whatever your problem is today. Illness, broken relationships, death, divorce, struggles with sin, poverty, ... He is DEEPLY CONCERNED.

Everyone has to decide for themselves what they believe and how they will act on those beliefs.

I wish that Jesus going to the cross to die for us was more than a story to more people, because it is more than a story. A lot more.

May the reality of His sacrifice resonate in us all this weekend.

Jill Phillips - "Only One"

You are the only road that leads me home - But I only take you when I'm lost - You are the only one who loves me in my weaknesses - I only love you when I'm strong - You are the only water giving life - I only drink you when I thirst - Now that I've taken all these things for granted all this time - You'd think I'd get what I deserve

(Chorus) But you care so much for me - That you gave your only son - And you'd do it all again - If I was the only one -

I know I don't deserve your love for me - I know it's something I can't earn - You are the only one whose love does not depend upon - What I can give you in return


You alone created every star in every galaxy - You also made these lines upon my hand - How could someone so great have such a deep concern for only me - I don't think I'll ever understand

(Chorus) But you care so much for me - That you gave your only son - And you'd do it all again - If I was the only one