Monday, April 10, 2006


The schools are on Spring Break here so it is quiet without the school children. The kids still come to eat at about noon or 1pm each day.

Troy did a bit of mission business before we left to take the girls in this morning. It seems that while we would like to get warmed up and start the real work of the day around 9am ... Haitians like to start at about 6am and have the majority of the business covered by 9.

It would help if we would give up our habit of staying up until midnight ... we need an intervention or something. We are dead every morning, yet we sit up until midnight chatting and writing and eating. Slow learners.

The Canadian Ambassador and I had a lovely afternoon together with our three youngest children.
Here are some of the sights along the way to and from Port today-

Since we always rip on Noah for being such a little devil ... we should also share that today he was an angel. He came close to perfect behavior. The one melt down was caused when Isaac took a cheez-it cracker from him but we couldn't really blame him for being angry.

Tired out from the trip. This is what everyone wants to do after a day in Port au Prince.

Rainy season seems to have arrived ... aaahhhh the sweet, sweet smell of urine. Seriously, I recognize this sounds gross and maybe even mean, but it is true. As Hope would say, "SICK!"

If it rains in the states, it smells clean and fresh. If it rains in LaDigue it smells like urine. If you have no plumbing, you can guess where your bathroom is ... and when it rains after months of not raining ... well, again, you can imagine.

It has been raining more and more so hopefully that scent will eventually fade. Today there was so much mud and water in one spot on the way home that we had to have some kids help push our truck out.

The girls called to report that Chili's in Miami was delicious (thanks for rubbing it in ladies) and I see on the American Airlines web-site that they are in the air headed north as of ten minutes ago.

That odd feeling that a mom has as her children fly away from her was there today, but God dropped a little bonus on our lap. My good friend Beth was on the same flight to Miami, that made it a lot easier. Thanks for praying for the girls. Thanks for checking in on us. Thanks for loving us. ~Troy and Tara and 3/5 th of the tribe