Wednesday, April 05, 2006

That's right, I got a job!

Dictated by Paige:

The other day when I was up with the team at the Prayer Rock, Donald and Arnold (the bosses of Lifeline and my parents) said in a very serious way "Paige, we need to talk to you."

I was worried I was in trouble! Then after we finished praying Arnold said "The other night I was thinking, WHO could we have give tours to the mission teams when I cannot come on the trip, I need somone who could do a really nice job and show people around and then I thought, PAIGE, she can do it!"

So they told me that they want me to be the OFFICIAL Lifeline tour guide. They want to get me a hat and a shirt that have the Lifeline logo and then I will be offficial. They also are going to pay me of course. They said that I just need to remind my dad to put in the purchase order (they call it a "P.O.") each month for my salary.

I cannot tell you my salary, because it would not be professional.

I am SO excited. I have a real paying job now!

So today I helped Britt with this girl by running to get her different supplies that she needed. This is what will happen to your foot if you step on hot charcoal. We don't recommend it!