Sunday, April 09, 2006

Short Story

We have a lot to do this afternoon to get Britt and Paige ready to go to Easter in Minnesota. We are sad to see them go, as are all the Haitian staff. Mme Maxo shed a tear along with me yesterday as we talked about how odd it will be to have them gone for ten days. They both got gifts of a ticket home for Easter from their other family, so off they will go tomorrow afternoon.

Today we got up at the crack of dawn (actually before dawn) so Troy could get to church early. Church was great again and Troy had a blast playing and singing. It was good to see him using those gifts again.

Before we bring the ladies to the airport tomorrow we are planning a BIG outing to visit our friend Dr. W. ---- those of you who have been reading the blog for awhile will remember that he is the "ungloved veterinarian". We have all determined to greet him with an upnod and to leave our hands in our pockets as a reminder that we should not shake hands. Peanut is getting shots. We also considered trying to be the first patient of his day. That way you don't have to wonder how many dog butts he touched without gloves on before shaking your hand, but we don't think we want to leave home at 6am to make that happen. It should be fun and interesting either way. Hand sanitizer is an excellent product.

Please pray for safe travel for our ladies. Pray that their families in MN enjoy their time with them and are blessed by the time together. Pray that Britt passes her Driver's License test on the 12th... she would say that is top prayer priority, I would say safety is. You can decide for yourself. ;-)

Happily providing the short report from LaDigue-