Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Friday!

Good Morning! My attitude and patience for loading photos is better today ... here are some random photos from the past few days. After the work is done today, we will be taking the group to Wahoo Bay (private beach/restaurant) later in the afternoon.

Feeding Program-

Lifeline School, Kids lining up to receive "Love Bundles" (Love Bundles have a towel, peanut butter and a few small toys in them) -

Other Items available at the market-

Paige in one of her English classes. She would like me to tell you that she realized later that she had spelled "vocabulary" incorrectly, she says it is important for you to know she fixed it once she realized it.

Have a marvelous weekend / Palm Sunday. Troy gets to play on the worship team on Sunday so he is pretty psyched to go to rehearsal tomorrow morning ... he misses New Joy and singing/playing a lot.