Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bon Bèf

Recently Pastor Rony had a major issue on his hands. It seems he had cow problems. Many wise investors are putting their money into beef in LaDigue. Rony is wise. But he ran into a little trouble last week. As the story goes, Ti-pap was trying to get his cow to go get some water. Rony's cow was doing the same thing. Two cows, headed the same direction, causing a major cow collision. Rony's cow broke its leg in the accident. This is not good news for the investor.

Rony was forced to bring the cow to market before it was time. Kind of like dumping all of your Apple shares, prior to the IPOD or all of your 3M shares prior to Scotch tape. It is just bad.

Because he is a good Haitian man, he took it in stride. He did what he had to do and re-invested** in a new hunk of beef.

The other day, while driving down the dirt road from LaDigue, Rony exclaimed, "Stop!" (Troy did.) Then Rony said, in a very proud tone, "MYYYYY COOOOWWW." (When Rony said it - in English - it sounded just as it is written.) We were very impressed with the new investment and complimented him on his current portfolio. Troy nodded his head approvingly saying, "bon bèf, bon bèf!" (nice cow 2X)

These particular investments were walking down a busy street in Port au Prince on Sunday. Not at all an unusual site on the streets of Port au Prince or La Digue.

**Individuals should consult with their own financial advisors for specific investment advice.